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If you can’t afford to purchase our songs, there are many other ways to support Corvo Music. Please give us good reviews and star-ratings at your favorite music sites, hang out with us on the social web, recommend us to your friends…if you love us, share us – you don’t need to buy our stuff to help us. Spreading the word about a band you love happens to be very valuable currency. ;)
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CAMERA OBSCURA: Original Horror Series Soundtrack by Corvo

Camera Obscura (28 Tracks)!

Download 3 Free Tracks from CAMERA OBSCURA Right Here!

"Home" by Corvo: Official MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES Theme Song

“Home” (Internet Single)

“Home” is Also Available for FREE Here and at


Terroreyes: The Demos (First Corvo EP)

Download “Fantomatique” for Free Right Here!