Where in the Hell Have We Been? Working on a Movie!

“Like a pint of Guinness on a hot day, [Drew Daywalt's LEPRECHAUN'S REVENGE] has its own unique and weirdly refreshing flavor.”
~Entertainment Weekly


Gregory S. Burkart [aka G9] composed the entire score, and also wore the heavy-multi-tasking mantle of music editor. NiNi’s ghostly vocals are scattered throughout the film, and our wonderful team of session musicians contributed flute, violin, dulcimer and guitars. Corvo also did much live percussion with interesting objects like rain sticks, the Japanese kokiriko and marbles rolling around in Celtic Bodhran drums. G9 also played the mandolin, cello, an Irish Penny-whistle and his usual arsenal of electronics and keyboards.

It was an amazing, whirlwind experience – and a dream come true – working with our Creative Doppelganger and one of our very best friends, Director Drew Daywalt, graduating from horror shorts and web series to a feature-length dark fairytale horror film!


The opening prologue animation – with artist John U. Abrahamson’s incredible original wood sketch drawings – as well as the main opening titles were animated by NiNi (through her new Creative Services Company, Immortal Marketing and Design).


There is so much buzz out there on this film, our eyes are crossing! So we’ll front-load these links with 1. An interview with Corvo and Director Drew Daywalt, and 2. Entertainment’s Weekly recommending this SyFy Creature Feature for great Saturday Night Viewing! EW usually gives SyFy Network monster movies Ds or Fs. Leppy’s Revenge got a B, and we’re really proud of that.

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We hope you’ll join all of us – the entire Leppy cast and crew – across the miles for one helluva watch party tonight! There will be one airing at 8pm/CT and another at 11pm/CT. If you can’t watch tonight, DVR it! OR… if you wanna wait, the film will be released on DVD [Through LionsGate] in the very near future as a director’s cut with the original title, Red Clover.

Enjoy and Happy St. Paddy’s Day!
-NiNi and G9, CORVO

PS – Total props to SyFy for the term “Leprecarnage!” *applause*


William Devane in LEPRECHAUN's REVENGE

William Devane as Pops

Tree Beard - The Vermin of the Faeriefolk in LEPRECHAUN's REVENGE

Tree Beard aka "Leppy"

Courtney Halverson in LEPRECHAUN's REVENGE

Courtney H. – Our Fae Heroine


Billy Zane is LepreCop!

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